Results are published to current students via the Student Management System Paradigm.

Your results

How to access your results

You can access and print your previous results anytime.

  1. Log into Paradigm using your username and password
  2. Select ‘Academic Record’ or ‘Print Transcript’

Results release dates

Results will be available for viewing from 12pm midday through Paradigm (student management system) on the following Publication Dates.

Unit Delivery Official Results Publication Date
HE Christmans Friday 12th February 2016
VET Term 1 Friday 22nd April 2016
HE Semester 1 Friday 3rd June 2016
VET Term 2 & Certificate Sem 1 Friday 1st July 2016
VET Term 3 Friday 16th September 2016
HE Semester 2 Friday 30th September 2016
VET Term 4 & Certificate Sem 2 Friday 25th November 2016
HE Semester 3 Friday 3rd February 2017
VET Term 5 Friday 17th February 2017

Students are able to access unofficial assessment results via Moodle prior to Official Results Publication dates

Unit End Date Official Results Publication Date
13 January 2016 Friday 3 February 2017
27 January 2016 Friday 17 February 2017
31 March 2017 Tuesday 18 April 2017
26 May 2017 Friday 9 June  2017
23 June 2017 Friday 7 July 2017
30 June 2017 Friday 14 July 2017
28 July 2017 Friday 11 August 2017
22 September 2017 Friday 6 October 2017
3 November 2017 Friday 17 November 2017
24 November 2017 Friday 8 December 2017
19 January 2018 Friday 9 February 2018

Students are able to access unofficial assessment results via Moodle prior to Official Results Publication dates.

IMPORTANT: there may occur some variation between the unofficial results displayed on Moodle and the final published results viewable on Paradigm. Moodle does not take into account the individual assessment weightings and therefore does not display a student’s final grade. Official Results are only viewable through Paradigm or on academic transcript, with accurate assessment calculations performed prior to the publication of students’ final grades.

Result grade legend

Result grade legends can be found in the following locations:

Your GPA explained

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is an internationally recognised calculation used to find the average result of all grades achieved for your course. The GPA helps Tertiary providers compare your results with those of other students, and prospective employers interpret your results.

Please Note: Harvest Bible College uses a 4.0 GPA


Each unit is assigned a  grade, and each grade a value. On a 4.0 GPA scale, values are as follows:

Grade Grade Value
High Distinction 4.0
Distinction 3.0
Credit 2.0
Pass 1.0
Fail 0.0
Withdrawn Fail 0.0


  • multiply each grade value by the unit credit points
  • sum the resulting values (weighted GPA unit score)
  • sum the unit credit points
  • divide the sum of the weighted GPA unit score by the sum of the unit credit points
  • calculate to three decimal points.


Unit Grade Grade Value Unit Credit Point Weighted GPA (Grade Value x Unit Credit Points)
TH-105 F 0 4 0
BS-102 P 1 4 4
BS-107 P 1 4 4
TH-105 C 2 4 8
HS-204 HD 4 4 16
HS-201 D 3 4 12
MN-223 D 3 4 12
MN-320 D 3 4 12
TH-102 D 3 4 12
TH-201 D 3 4 12
40 92

GPA = 92/40 = 2.30

Academic records

Unofficial record

You can access your past results and download unofficial transcript anytime from Paradigm.

Official record

Current and past students can purchase an official record by lodging ‘Request for Academic Transcript’. Further details regarding Academic Transcripts and other official documents are available on the Graduation tab of our web page.